About us


– n – A person whom plays online video games, and attempts to convince women to come visit them. Usually of white-trash heredity, but has dropped enough of the hick to become a nerd.
(Urban Dictionary definition)

Nerd Trash is a brazilian website dedicated to those who enjoy games and comics. You don’t know what to play or read? You’re on the right place! Our differential lies in our approach, totally filthy, dribbling good manners and that boring formalism that we see in the mainstream media.
We are direct and honest, forget all that articles beating around the bush! From the luxury to the trash, here you’ll read about that fucking awesome indie to that AAA that nobody wants for free.

Okay… but… if you are brazilians, why this page has an english translation?
BECAUSE THERE IS NO LIMIT FOR US! \o/ We write things to everyone read and enjoy.

So, if you like a joint talk, take your beer, light your cigarette and feel at home.


All right. But who are the trash couple that write all that bullshit?

Anika Bonny

Loves to write about her hobbies, squander money with beer and games, and has a deep passion for retro games.
Work as mobile game QA, sometimes make photoshoots and swear some day will study japanese again. Everyday she changes her hair color.

GT/PSN/Steam: Anika Bonny



Internet veteran, never looses a joke and is a compulsive meme creator.
Had a NeoGeo CD on his childhood and regardless of complaining about JRPGs, likes to play them.
His main hobby is buy AAA games on release date.

GT/PSN/Steam: Alvinhu666