Death Fungeon (PC)

Informações Técnicas

Developer: Ritual Games
Publisher: GrabTheGames
Release date: 17/ago/2018

Steam achievements? No.
Steam trading cards? No.

Death Fungeon is a very interesting game that mixes the plataform style with stealth.
Your objective is escape from a prison, but you just don’t need to be agile on joystick! The most stages need to be analyzed because they have some traps.

Fluid, fast and challeging gameplay.  The game synthesized perfectly the “less is more” concept in all aspects.

Final considerations – Analyzing all the aspects

Graphics: 10/10. The art and animation are very well done. Regardless of simple style, is notable how the details of each stage were made with care.

UI and HUD:
10/10. The game has no hud. The UI is very easy to understand and it follows the same art style of the game.

Soundtrack and sounds:
8/10. The soundtrack isn’t very polished but also doesn’t leave a lot to be desired. It’s well done, matches with the game idea, just hasn’t nothing special.

10/10. Extremely simple gameplay, your commands are jump and hide. At first it took me a little bit to adapt to the physics of the main character ’cause he is very fast and gives some slight slips. The level design is wonderful, the difficulty is increasing progressively to follow the adaptation and learning curve of the player.
The stages aren’t repetitive and doesn’t look the same, each one (that actually is a part of the dungeon) has its own challenge and strategy.

10/10. With the same speed and ease that you can die, you start again the stage. Excellent strategy to restart the game without having some anger crisis. Perfect for casual and hard core gamers.

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