Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (Xbox One)

Technical Information

Developer: Frogwares
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release date: dez/02/2015
Xbox Live: 

Achievements? Sim.

Other plataforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4 e PC.

Get under the skin of Sherlock Holmes and use all your intelligence to solve 6 cases.

This game doesn’t only require time to explore all the places, colleting evidences, but also require cleverness to solve the puzzles and a strong justice sense to give the final veredict of each case.

Final considerations – Analyzing all the aspects

Graphics: 9/10. In my opinion, the graphics are pretty good, especially in the dialogue scenes. The scenarios are very datailed, with well designed maps (and quite complex in some places). The only thing that bothered me was the 3d modeling of some people, in certain positions they seem weird, like they have little anatomical mistakes.

UI and HUD: 10/10. The main menu is very simple and easy to understand. When you start the game, there is another menu, which is displayed in a book form. Inside this book you can see all the dialogues, clues, key people, objectives and the historic of each solved case and the sentence you chosen. At first sight, this in game menu seems a bit confusing because it contains a lot of information, but after some minutes playing, it’s very easy to understand and becomes very useful for lookups. Create this “book” to merge all this information was a very creative solution of Focus Home Interactive, giving a deep sense of immersion in this investigative universe.

Soundtrack and sounds: 10/10. The songs gives a good suspense touch, but the voices are the summit. All the dialogues were interpreted (very well interpreted, I must say) with a british accent, turning this game a good representation of 19th century.

Gameplay: 8/10. You can choose if you want to play on first or third person. I preferred to play in first person ’cause the control was more responsive. In the third person, the character moves are slightly ungainly, not giving much precision to the player when exploring the places and showing which objects have interaction.

Clues and dialogues become “points” that can be linked, creating deductions that drive the investigation. It’s possible to conceive more than one deduction for two linked points, bringing a different reasoning. This is the part I liked the most, the possibility to give more than one solution to a case. If you don’t add enough clues or make “wrong” deductions, you can unfairly blame someone. After choosing your verdict, the game provide you the possibility to change your mind if you think something isn’t right. In that case, you return to the last save point (which is exactly before your verdict).

All cases have consequences and affect the Sherlock Holmes ranking. This ranking will be based on the chosen verdicts (that may be right or wrong).

All the puzzles can be skipped. I confess that I skipped some puzzles near of the end of the game, ’cause I was too anxious to know how the story ends.

Replay Factor: 8/10. Each case has at least one alternative ending, instigating the player to play again and discovery a new conclusion.

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