Skull Girls (PC)

Technical Information

Developer: Lab Zero Games
Publisher: Marvelous, Autumn Games
Release date: aug/22/2013

Achievements? Yes.
Steam cards? Yes.

Other plataforms: Android, Arcade, iOS, Linux, OS X PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One e Nintendo Switch.

There is a legend about an ancient artifact called Skull Heart, which can fulfill any woman’s desire. But if her heart is impure, it will corrupt her and she will become a very powerful creature, with a great destruction power: a skullgirl.
A new skullgirl was born. Who will defeat her to get the Skull Heart?

Skull Girls is a frenetic fighting game (Guilty Gear fans will love its mechanics), with hot and fun characters (if you hate fan service, stay away from this game). The game has a lot of different and creative attacks for each character.

Final considerations – Analyzing all the aspects

Graphics: 10/10. First off, the aesthetics of this game caused me a certain strangeness, ’cause it’s not common to see this art style applied in a fighting game, but the animations proved to me that the game is closely to any AAA of the genre.

It’s visible the noir and the old cartoons references (from the mid 30’s and 40’s). In addition, in the official trailer, the characters are introduced in posters, as if they were protagonists of a freak show (circuses that had as attraction people who were born with genetic problems, from the 19th century). All these references were very well mixed, creating a unique concept in the game.

I noticed that Guilty Gear was a strong inspiration for some characters. Filia for example, has a “living” hair, equal to Millie. And one of her attacks is very reminiscent of Zato’s “drill”.

UI and HUD: 10/10. The game has several options in the menu, but they are very easy to understand. They have the same “retro” aesthetics of the game.
The hud is quite easy to understand, follows that fighting games pattern: your life bar is fixed at the top of the screen.

Soundtrack and sounds: 10/10. The soundtrack has a strong ragtime influence. If you liked Cuphead’s OST, you will surely love Skullgirls! The voices have been very well interpreted, I have nothing to complain about.

Gameplay: 10/10. I particularly love fighting games with frenetic rhythms, so I liked Skullgirls since the first battle. The normal difficulty is pretty easy in story mode. But, even in the same difficulty, I found the arcade mode harder than the story mode.

The physics are well calibrated and hasn’t bugs (just one or other “FUCK, I DEFENDED THIS SHIT” or “WHY THIS FUCKING ATTACK DIDN’T WORK”, nothing unusual in fighting games hahaha). The online mode flowed super well, without any lag.
The game has joystick support, but you can play using a keyboard too (I don’t recommend it hahaha).

Valentine is my fav character, she’s a butcher’s nurse. 😛

Replay factor: 10/10. Entertaining game, totally enjoyable for casual and hard core players.

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