Sonic Spinball (Mega Drive)

Technical Information

Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Release date: 1993

Others plataforms: Master System, Game Gear and PC (Steam).

Dr. Eggman is kidnapping animals and turning them into robots in a fortress! Sonic infiltrate himself into the Toxic Caves, which lie underground in this fortress and gradually goes up to meet his arch-enemy.

A totally different game of the traditional Sonic, adapting the gameplay to a colorful and pretty challeging pinball.

Final considerations – Analyzing all the aspects

Graphics: 10/10. The whole game is a show of details and very well selected colors. In the intro we can notice how the animations were meticulous and beautiful for a 16 bit game. It’s noticeable how everything was millimetrically planned in each stage, using all the capacity of the Mega Drive’s color pallete. The Sonic design is different compared to Sonic 1 and 2. Although the enemies are different from the previous games, they have the same art concept .

In each bonus stage is possible to see the Sonic’s reflection in the pinball glass. I particularly found this detail magnificent.

UI and HUD: 10/10. The hud is clear, there is a bar where some information of what is happening and your score is exhibited. Before you start, is possible to ajust the speed, controls and select the number of players (it’s possible to play with 4 players, but not in the same gameplay).

Soundtrack and sound effects: 10/10. One of the best soundtracks on Mega Drive, in my opinion. The first stage music is kick ass! Once you listen, never forget.
The sound effects are equally well made and with a regulated volume.

Gameplay: 8/10. The whole game has a pinball structure, so don’t wait for a easy game to control. This game is hard, not only because of its movement but for each stage demands you find all the emeralds to defeat the boss.
It’s necessary explore the stage to understand how it works. And this is so fucking tiring, you need patience because as any pinball game is not so simple to hit ball where you want.

The game has 4 stages and between them there is a bonus stage. None of them are the same and they help you to increase your score.

The bad thing of this game is the multiplayer mode. 4 players can play, but only one for turn. I don’t understand why it was implemented, the game itself is slow to beat! So imagine how boring is wait to your friend die to start your game.
It makes no sense to me, the decision to put this multiplayer mode was idiot.

Replay factor: 5/10. Challeging game, but become very frustated when you’re finishing some level and loose your last life. This game is tiring, depending of how much time you spend in the levels, you don’t feel excited to play again from the beginning.

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